Q:  How much are the private rooms?  
A:  All private room rental is only $40 for 20 minutes which gets you a private bedroom with a bed!  

Q:  Can I know the general area of the party before I RSVP? 
A:  Midtown Manhattan

Q:  What is the address?  
A:  In order to receive the address, please fill out the RSVP page first

Q:  Do the models offer private sessions outside of the party?  
A:  Yes, we actually have a place open 7 days a week for that!  visit www.footpadnyc.com more info and photos.  

Q:  What are the parties like?  What can I expect?  
A:  You enter into an upscale building right in the heart of Midtown where you will enter into a massive venue with public areas as well as 100% private rooms. 
After you check in you will be surrounded by very beautiful women mostly in lingerie.. and can have some drinks at the
then you can pick the girl(s) you want to try your sessions with.. find a spot anywhere in the venue where you and the girl are comfortable.. then you tip the girl $20 for every 10 minutes and you get to take off her shoes, smell her feet, kiss them, whatever you want.   You can do this as often as you want over the course of 6 hours!  

If you had any other questions that weren't answered here or on the rest of the website, you may email us at footworshipparties@gmail.com or call us at 347-867-6296